Our Rams:
Mr. Big: (JAGER AI RAM B2H 917S) is our fabulous black gray AI-Grimur ram. A gentle giant, his build is meaty, his horns are wide and wonderful. He is going to be 10 this spring but settled his ewes handily. One of my favorite things to see when I go outside, is Big lying on his side, chewing his cud. Those horns weigh a lot. Apparently it's nice to be able take some of the strain off of his neck.
Christopher Columbus: (SRX B%H RAM 150 N) was solid black. He had huge, wide horns and an  abundant, very curly, silvering fleece. He came to us from Susan Mongold’s Tongue River Farm when it was still in Montana. Our top herd sire for years, his lambs have been exceptional, the most notable of which is our Susannah, but he was also the sire of our 2005 Michigan Fiber Festival  Champion Icelandic Ram, Harley. He carried moorit and spotting. His background includes AI sires Bruni, Stubbur, and Horvi.
General Washington: (HP RAM 01H 38S) Kari, Sponn, Ari, Bambi): Washington’s white pattern is hiding a solid moorit spotted ram who has beautiful fleece. His offspring, therefore, carried moorit,  were white or solid patterned, and carried spotting. 
Andrew: (Flotti, Hunn): Andrew was a black gray ram with perfect horns and a long, wide body. Unfortunately, he had to be euthanized because of an eye injury. He was the picture of the ultimate Icelandic ram.
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Xeno: (FAV RAM XENO B6H 31X) Black Single Gene Gray Mouflon (SGGM) son of Mr. Big and Taxus. Xeno is big, wide, long bodied and  is the first known Icelandic in North America to display the missing Single Gene Gray Mouflon (SGGM) pattern. His other pattern is solid. He has given us some outstanding lambs.
Growlur: (TCE AI RAM O1H 588X): our white AI Kveikur son. This handsome ram has wonderful, lustrous fleece and excellent conformation. Hidden by his white pattern, he is black and carries moorit. His other pattern is gray. He is gentle and friendly. Growlur has sired some fabulous lambs for us.
Rams from the past:
Lance: (FAV RAM B2SH 4Z) Black Gray Spotted son of Ulysses and Lily. In addition to gray, his other pattern is solid. He also carries moorit. Lance is big, long bodied and smart. His watchful demeanor is indicative of his leadersheep ancestors. 
Rusty: (FAV RAM M2H 7A): Moorit gray three year old triplet son of Susannah and Growlur. He carries spotting. Rusty is easy to handle and calm, though that has cost him some of his former handsome looks. Last year he got fairly beat up by the other rams and so has some dings on his face.
Cato: (JWT RAM CATO M5H 0023A): Moorit solid three year old triplet. Cato carries spotting. He is a handsome ram with incredible horns and beautiful fleece. We are looking forward to seeing this year's lambs.
Patrick: (FAV RAM M5H 19B): Moorit solid two year old triplet son of Susannah and Danny. He carries spotting. Patrick is very well built, easy to handle, extremely smart, and calm. This is his first year to sire lambs and I am really looking forward to seeing his offspring!
Michael: (DL RAM M23H 717W): Moorit gray badgerface ram from Dancing Lamb Farm in New York.
Patch: (FAV RAM PATCH B2SH 2M): Extremely handsome spotted ram from our first year of lambing. Patch had great fleece and a nice long body.
Andrew: (FAV RAM B2H 49S): Son of Mr. Darcy and Miss Freckles. Andrew was well built, had a coarse fleece, and amazing horns.
Danny: (HRV DANNY RAM M5H 4U): Danny was a gorgeous, well-built gentle ram who gave us many great lambs in his short time with us. He is sorely missed.
Patrick Henry: (WLW RAM B2H 18P)
Ulysses: (FAV RAM B23H 3W): Black gray badgerface twin, son of Mr. Big and Taxus. Ulysses tied with his sire for first place in our hearts for The Perfect Ram. Though he died too early he gave us some great offspring from his two breeding seasons. He is still missed.
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