Ashes: (FAV EWE B3H 12B): black badgerface two year old twin, daughter of Nan and Abe. Ashes has dramatic badgerface looks. She carries spotting and may carry moorit. Lambing record: Nb, ??. Ashes is bred to Patrick, our solid moorit son of Danny and Susannah. Patrick carries spotting from Susannah and is both smart and gentle.
$600 Sold.

Barbie: (FAV EWE BARBIE 01H 9B): beautiful white twin two year old, Barbie has the iconic looks and presence of an Icelandic ewe.  She is the daughter of Priss and Mr. Big, our amazing and beloved  Grimur son, both of whom are out of Barbara Webb Sinopoli's flock. Barbie's patterns are white (obviously) and either solid or gray. She is probably black but could carry moorit.  Lambing record: Nb, 2. Bred to Lance.
$700 as bred; $500 after weaning in August.   

Sheep for Sale
(For sheep going out of state, please add $85 to cover the cost of travel papers.
For additional sheep on the same paper, please add $17.50 per addtion.)
     We continue to add new stock to diversify our bloodlines and improve the quality of our flock. This year we are already committed to adding a new ram. We believe that we have a fabulous group of sheep to choose from. The prices listed reflect both the expense that we ourselves have put into gathering the best breeding stock we could and the value of the knowledge we have gained about conformation, milkiness, and fleece quality of the particular lines we  have. We do not sell breeding stock that we wouldn’t be happy to breed ourselves.
     For the most part, we do not breed our ewe lambs, though sometimes unplanned encounters happen. These girls have been allowed to grow out their frames and get over their teenage foolishness. Whether you are looking for a particular color and pattern or are looking for a starter flock, we believe that we have a lot to offer.
      Please contact us for pictures and to ask further questions. We welcome visitors.


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2016 Lambs
Sheep for Sale
Cassie: (FAV EWE M2H 7B): beautiful moorit gray two year old twin,  daughter of Mocha and Danny. Cassie is a mellow, beautiful, well built ewe. I'm in no hurry to sell her. She is bred to Cato,  a solid moorit ram with unbelievable horns and very nice fleece. Lambing record: Nb, ??.

Freyja: (FAV EWE FREYJA 01H 23B): white two year old twin,  daughter of Sienna and Growlur. These two consistently produce fabulous lambs.  Freyja's patterns are white (obviously) and either solid or gray from Sienna. Her color, masked by the white pattern, may be black but she carries moorit for sure. She and her sisters (from a previous breeding) have the very best fleeces of all the lambs. She is bred to Xeno, who is the first SGGM (single gene gray mouflon) in North America. Lambing record: Nb,??.
Sold $700

Ram for Sale
Glory: (FAV EWE  B2H 34A): black gray three year old triplet, daughter of Spring and Monte. She comes from a long line of ewes with abundant, beautiful fleece. She may carry spotting. She is bred to Patrick, who is solid moorit and does carry spotting.  Lambing record: Nb, nb, 2.
Bred to Lance.
$700 as bred; $500 after weaning in August.   

Our Best Efforts
We have several lovely one winter ewes from last spring that are for sale. These are not culls but the nicest of the ewe lambs. Pictures and descriptions pending. Please ask about them if you are looking for fine additions to your flock.    We also have one exceptional ram lamb left.